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6 Services
Eyebrow and Upper Lip Threading 10min - $12.50
Men's Eyebrow & Cheek Threading 15min - $19
Men's Eyebrow Threading 10min -$9.50
Women's Eyebrow Threading 10min - $9.50
Women's Full Face Threading 15min - $19
Women's Upper Lip Threading 10min - $5
15 Services
Bikini 20min -$15
Brazilian 20min - $30
French Wax 20min - $25
Full Face Sugaring Including Neck 15min - $25
Leg + Arm + Underarm Waxing 45min - $48 Includes waxing of legs, arms and underarms
Men's Full Arm Waxing 35min - $40
Men's Full Back Waxing 30min - $50
Men's Full Chest & Stomach Waxing 30min - $50
Men's Legs Waxing 40min - $55
Underarm 10min - $8
Women's Full Arm Waxing 20min - $15
Women's Full Back Waxing 20min - $20
Women's Full Body Waxing 60min - $120
Women's Full Front Waxing 15min - $20
Women's Full Leg Waxing 20min - $25
10 Services
24 Karat Gold Facial 2hr - $145
Acne Facial 1hr - $85
Anti Aging 1:30hr - $95
Back Facial 1hr - $80
Brightening & Firming Facial 1:30hr - $110
Diamond Facial 2:30hr - $175
Organic Lunch-Time Peel 45min - $85
Peels 30min -$75
Pre/Teen Lactic Exfoliation 45min -$75 Perfect for individuals with acne
Skin Tag Removal 30min - $150
Hair Removal
4 Services
Brazilian Laser Hair Removal 30min - $175
Underarm Laser Hair Removal 15min - $75
Full Face Laser Hair Removal 30min - $110 Full Face Laser Hair Removal
Lip Laser 10min - $40
4 Services
Body Massage 1hr- $75
Body Wrap 1hr - $110
Dry Hands & Feet Treatment 25min - $50
Head Massage 20min - $25
5 Services
Body Exfoliation 80min - $110
Hair Treatment 30min - $50
Dark, Dry Elbows and Knees Treatment 30min - $50
Eyebrow Tinting 10min - $15
Free Consultation Book a free consultation with us to see what services will suit you best Example: Facials, Scar removal, Massages, Laser Hair Removal, Electrolysis and more.


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